How Do I Know If I Need Family Law Lawyers in Sydney

Family law is an essential and helpful branch of the law in Sydney.   Lawyers specialising in family law handle the most sensitive matters and challenging conflicts since they all revolve around the family. Sometimes, dealing with family members can be difficult and even impossible to deal with people within our households. Though, at times, you gain the courage to deal with the family issues you are having, sometimes you have to seek help from the family law lawyers around you. They will always have a solution to your problems, but you need to know when you can hire them and handle the issues you are facing without them. Fortunately, this article helps you learn the instances when hiring family law lawyers is crucial so that you may recognise a situation that calls for legal help.


Instances When You Need to Get Family Law Lawyers in Sydney

Knowing when you need family law lawyers is crucial since it ensures you get the legal help you need in time. The following are some of the instances when you should contact your family law lawyers in Sydney;


  • When filing for a divorce

If you have already decided to file for a divorce, you have made one of the most challenging decisions in your life. Before you file for a divorce, you must have debated and worked hard to resolve the issue you have been experiencing in your marriage. Unfortunately, the process of filing for a divorce can also be very emotional, so you need family law lawyers by your side.


When you decide to file for a divorce, you need your family law lawyers to help you during the entire divorce proceedings. They will be responsible for the paperwork and help you during the negotiations. Working with family law lawyers also enables you to make the right decisions since you may need to be in the right mind during this emotional process.


  • You need help with child custody

After a divorce or separation, the involved couples must figure out who will get custody of their kids. As parents, you may want to get custody of the kids which may make the process of coming up with custody agreements easier for you with the help of your lawyers. Therefore, you need to hire family law lawyers to help answer any questions about child custody. Also, they will do all they can to ensure you get custody of your kids if possible.


  • You wish to get child support

Also, family law lawyers will help you get the child support you deserve, especially if your partner has failed to provide adequate support to cover the expenses of raising your kids after your divorce.   Family law lawyers have been dealing with such cases for quite some time, making them negotiate a reasonable child support amount for your kids.


  • You have been involved in domestic abuse and violence

Although hiring a family law lawyer is not the only solution for people involved in domestic abuse and violence,  they can help you get the safety and find a fast resolution. However, if your husband or wife has been abusing you for quite some time and you decide you cannot endure the violence any more, you need these lawyers to help you file for a divorce. Also, if you have not decided on getting a divorce, they will give you enough legal advice to help you make informed decisions on what to do.


  • You want to adopt a kid or kids

If you cannot have your own kids and wish to become a parent or parents, you should hire family law lawyers to help you with the adoption process. These lawyers will ensure that you follow the proper regulations and channels during the adoption process, ensuring no disruptions or delays to adopting your kid.


While most people in Sydney know that you need to hire family law lawyers during a divorce, the above section discusses other instances when hiring these lawyers is crucial. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in the above situations, find yourself a lawyer from Stone Group. With the many family law lawyers around here, you should take your time to find the best family lawyers.




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